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What kind of buzzword is "multimedia" when it is limited to text, graphics and a few stock mouseover sounds? I can tell you, No buzz at all.   With a decade of experience in music production stretching from the "analog age" all the way to purely digital domain productions, SRO can support superior audio services for your multimedia production needs.   Years of experience in both IT and audio industries uniquely qualifies SRO to bring both together seemlessly for anything from background songs to voiceovers to complete 48 track Dolby Digital mixdowns: bringing a complete multimedia solution to any project.

- MP3 audio samples.

Sample #1 (1.3 mb mp3)
Sample #2 (1.4 mb mp3)
Sample #3 (1.1 mb mp3)

Sample #4 (665 kb mp3)
Sample #5 (2.1 mb mp3)
Sample #6 (1 mb mp3)